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The Future of Business is an impact facilitation programme powered by the Business for Peace Foundation.

The programme is aimed at connecting investors with young entrepreneurs who are driving global change to meet the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The programme calls for a change of mindset amongst business leaders, NGOs, and investors. From governments to companies alike, SDG-friendly investments enable businesses to help solve global challenges.

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Be inspired by our Honourees

At the centre of Business for Peace's agenda is the annual Oslo Business for Peace Award. Each year, recipients are selected by an independent committee of Nobel Prize Laureates in Peace and Economics in closed-door sessions. The Award is conferred annually to the exceptional individuals who exemplify the Foundation’s concept of being businessworthy: ethically creating economic value that also creates value for society. Past Honourees represent leaders of diverse industries worldwide. Be inspired by these Honourees today!

James Mwangi

James Mwangi (2020)

Dr. James Mwangi is the Managing Director and CEO of Equity Group Holdings, the leading bank in East and Central Africa, which focuses on serving customers at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Dr. Agbor Ashumanyi Ako

Dr. Agbor Ashumanyi  Ako (2019)

Working toward a world free of preventable maternal and infant mortality, Agbor  Ashumanyi  Ako is one of the co-founders of  GiftedMom, a digital health platform based in Cameroon that gives pregnant women and mothers across Africa access to vital health information and care.